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Internet Trading


–           Speedy online trading system

–           allowing you to seize investment opportunities anytime and anywhere

–           a full-featured real-time quote service

The scope of services includes:

  1. Securities trading
  2. IPO
  3. Stocks Market News
  4. Ranking
  5. Account information
  6. Custom monitor list
  7. Company information
  8. More…

<<Attached Mobile trade software for both IOS & Android>>


Online Trading User Manual

Trading Demonstration

<<Attached AyersGTS Web 2.0 User Manual>>


Technical Support

–           Trading Platform Requirement

Systems Requirement

  1. PC

CPU Pentium II 233 or above

64MB RAM or above

20MB free hard disk space

Windows Operating Systems(Win XP or above)

Resolutions: 1024×768 pixels (optimal), 800×600 (minimum)

  1. Modem

56K (or higher) or broadband connection (preferred)

  1. Internet Browser

Internet Explorer 9 or above


Following is the code of the transaction process :

NEW – Waiting             PEX – Part of a deal

WA – Approving FEX – Complete Transactions

PRO – Processing           CAN – Cancelled

Q – Queued                   REJ – Rejected


Customer Login


Market Data Services

–           AASTOCKS (Hong Kong)

–           DZH

For more details about Internet Trade procedure, please download :

AyersGTS Web 2.0 User Manual