Notice of opening account

a) What documents do I need to submit when opening an account?

The customer must submit a copy of the Hong Kong identity card or passport (provided for the original check) and proof of address in the last three months, such as water, electricity bill or bank statement bearing the name of the customer. Non-Hong Kong residents must also provide identity documents and passports (or valid travel documents) for permanent residence.

b) Do I need to deposit my deposit immediately when I open an account?

Opening account is not required to deposit deposits.If you open by post, please attach a Hong Kong dollar personal check issued by the applicant for verification. The head of the check payable to “Bloomyears Ltd.” and the amount of the check is at least HK $ 10,000.

c) Could clients open a securities trading account on the Internet?

No, the company does not accept the online account application. The customer can only come  to the company for processing.

d) What should I pay attention while opening an account?

At the time of opening an account, the customer must bear in mind the signature style signed in the account book. In the future, if the customer needs to extract the stock, withdraw the cash or change his personal information, such as address, contact telephone, etc., must be signed in the written instructions. The Company shall execute the order only after the signature has been verified.

e) Is there a charge for opening an account?

It is free to open an account with the Company and we will not charge any account opening fee to our customers.

f) Does the customer need to deposit cash in advance to trade?

The customer must have sufficient cash balance to buy the stock. And the customer sells the shares within the account, the customer can immediately buy the stock after the balance of the transaction.

g) How long does it take to open a stock account under normal circumstances?

When we receive a signed account application form and the required documents, it takes about 2 to 3 working days to open an account. After opening an account, we will send you a copy of your account confirmation and a copy of your account.