General Information

2.1  Why should I trade online?

Online investors can place order, view their account portfolios, including cash and stock balances, and request funds and stock transfer (only for securities account) all from the same website. With account access from anywhere around the world, online traders can capitalize on breaking news in a moments notice. When it comes to trading, time is money and a few seconds can be crucial. Trading online offers individual investors instant access to the most up-to-date market data and investment research. Combined with the internets speed and accessibility, online traders have all the tools necessary for taking their investing decisions into their own hands.

2.2  How do I apply an internet trade account?

Print and read carefully the Internet Trade Instruction , which download from Useful Download of our website. Complete the relevant sections of agreement, then sign and return to our representative. We will provide an unique login and password to you.

2.3  Do you offer real time quotes?

Yes. As long as to be the customers of electronic trading, you can place the order through Bloomyears Ltd web-site. You can get real time quote services for all stocks, Futures and Options traded on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited. You can also get real time quote services for all indices, financial news and graphics

2.4  How do I place order in case of system failure?

In case of computer system failure, you can give instructions by telephone to our designated Customer Service Officer at (852)25238826. Your account name and number should be quoted via telephone instruction.

Who should I contact for further assistance?

If you have any questions on online trading, please contact our hotline at (852)25238826 or。